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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

It's all about outcomes

I get hung up about what I do. I'm always keen to promote what I do everyday.

Copy for this, a commercial idea for that, an ad for this product etc etc etc.

I even get excited talking about research and establishing benchmarks for performance. Oh and wait till I tell you about how clever my latest strategy is for this or that client.

Fact is no ones listening.

Nobody cares what you do - but everyone is interested in the impact the work you do has.

It's all about outcomes. Real outcomes.

Do you know what impact the work you do has on your clients? Do you ever ask?

When I found out that work I had created had done nothing it cam as a real wake up call. Once it only took a quick tweek and then the calls started coming in.

So tell prospects what happens when clients work with you. Don't get so bothered about how you do something- and ask what actually happened when someone use your work. 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Social Marketing is not new

It's all social this and social that at the moment.

You can't move for emails, white papers, free guides and "social" events all pointing out that without a strong social presence you are doomed.

Well for the younger audience let me give you some sage like words of wisdom.

Social marketing has been around for year and includes:

  • Taking out prospects and clients to lunch
  • Meeting new contacts at networking events
  • Meting business contacts down the pub
  • Going to visit prospects and new clients
  • Phoning and talking with a prospect
  • Having a fun day out with a client's company team
  • etc etc
Now you may have spotted a theme here. All the above mean you actually have to meet and communicate and indulge in real dialogue.

And it's been around for years.

So yes do have some fun with social media/marketing but worry about those of us who actually go out and meet your clients!

Monday, 26 November 2012


This is a test

So don't take it seriously

Please read and forget