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Thursday, 22 April 2021

A lesson I was taught years ago.


There is one word which I’ve learnt to use in various ways over the years that’s probably earnt me more than any other.

It’s not a long word or particularly clever and it can fit into a sentence or statement very easily and can even be used on it’s own.


When you use the word, it magically gives the person you are talking to the impression that you are interested in what they are saying and makes finding things out quite easy.

I never over do this word, and if you use it with the wrong inflection, you can get into trouble.


What’s this word – really.


Yes really. Someone tells you that their service is the best, you say “really tell me more.”  


Clients tell you of their next project -” that sounds really challenging how can I help.”


It’s really easy to use really and I know that you will really find it very useful – really!


Friday, 16 April 2021

Who makes the decisions and why?

After all the marketing and communications planning and implementation, you have to wait and hope that a prospective or exiting customer makes the decision to engage.

You might want to use a cattle prod to get them to pick up the phone or make an online purchase or reply to your latest personalised direct mail – but sadly it is their choice.

Choice is one of the many obstacles.

Desire, immediate need, appreciation of your product or services benefits, even the time of the day all make up the background noise that gets in the way of engagement.

So, what to do?

Here are 5 things to consider. I call it the WATER approach.

Water is the key essential to life – try not watering your garden in the summer and see what happens.

Wait – Advocacy – Targeting – Engage – Repeat

Your marketing communications plan should be seen as a continuous activity – not a one-off series of events to support business development.

You must Wait for the blooms to develop. It’s never a quick fix. Marketing activity can in B2C be fast moving, but you still have to be realistic about timing.

Advocacy is so important. It’s more than recommendation. It builds brand faster than many other activities. The amount of investment you make to find a new customer should also be reflected in the investment you make in making them all become advocates for your products or services.

There is very little excuse for blanket broadcast marcomms. Targeting is so much more than getting the right person, think about timing, the wider environmental situation, and key individuals who may influence the people you need to engage with.

The hardest one of the WATERING process is Engage. Try doing something radical and pick up the phone and see if the target of your business affection has seen any of your marketing and would they like some additional information, or could you include them on your database. Invest in positively trying to engage with just 10% of our target audience and at least 30% of your new and existing customers on a regular basis.

And finally. Don’t stop with just the one campaign. Marketing communications is a Repeat activity. Make sure you have a clear and consistent message that is flexible enough to encompass all your business activity and keep going on about it.

Friday, 9 April 2021

Covid Copywriting - 5 things to consider


It’s increasingly clear that the Covid 19 pandemic has changed the world we live in at a fundamental level. Covid has given almost everyone on the planet an opportunity to rethink the way they perceive the world around them.

What does this mean for copy and content creators?

Well I’m sure we can all agree that to ignore the new “reality” we all find ourselves in is not a sensible or viable option. We are all consumers; we have all changed the way we make consumer choices. Some have been placed upon us through new rules and regulations, but I believe the most important changes copy creators must consider are those which govern the way everyone now perceives their world.

Here are 5 things to consider if you are planning to communicate with your clients, key influencers, or employees.

Risk – Just reflect on how the real and perceived level of risk to the individual has changed. Risk levels have an impact on choice and willingness to invest in new ideas, processes, or products.

Trust – Pre Covid if you required an audience to change the way you, or your company, or your market sector was perceived the level of trust was understood. Just think about used car salesmen and politicians for example – it was the considered wisdom they both had a level of trust which was manageable. Covid has changed that – for example national airlines have taken action which has altered the way they can be trusted, especially by their current and future employees, and customers.

Awareness – All sizes of companies are going to have to show they are fully aware the world has changed. Digging out a successful marketing communications strategy from a few years ago will just look out of place. It is obvious when TV commercials are still aired with 2019 content- it will be the same for all online and offline marketing collateral.

Empathy – Not just a softer tone of voice, but a clear understanding of the needs of your target audience. When putting offers to the market for example you may need to consider extended low interest credit options together with extended guarantees.

Integrity – Do you know how you or your company / organisation is perceived? What do your employees think about the company or organisation they work for? Is fairness and transparency clearly part of the values that guide decision making? Do you have a statement on the rights of individuals to be recognised regardless of their age, sexuality, creed, religious affiliations, and gender identity? These are very important issues and your communications need to reflect the changes that are happening. Covid 19 has created a new space that has given permission for major structural changes to society to be discussed and faced up.

Just 5 things to consider. Undoubtedly there are going to more. How many have you considered in the past 24 hours?

At the time of writing April 2021, there is clearly a long way to go with the Covid pandemic. If you would like to explore any of the themes in this article please contact  me