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Monday, 11 March 2013

Long time no post - I've been really busy.

It's been a frantic and complicated time at Simply Great Copy.

But thankfully I now have a bit more time - so what's bugging me enough to write and publish something that might be of value?

Well a few clients have started to ask for "content" rather than ideas and words for a specific bit of media. Great I say - why?

"Well we need to compensate for the changes that Google have made and our SEO team have asked for more content." is something I'm hearing more and more.

Should we be bothered - you bet we should.

Brace yourself for a deluge of  white papers, incoherent blogs, promotional fact sheets and new web pages that try to say something new in a new an exciting way about crap products or services that are having a hard time.

The defining issue is not what you write or the media you use, but do you have a product or service that is worth writing about.  In the old days you could polish a turd and make a sale, then you had to take your crap service or product and stick a few SEO and social media flags in it and you still might make a sale - but now you actually have to be very good at what you do or provide.

Brilliant I say - but how about you and what you do, or provide?

If you've spent a lifetime bullshitting your way to an order, then your finished.

My advice to myself and my clients is find out what you are brilliant at and really enjoy and then you will be fine.

Are you really good at what you do? Are you better than the rest? What's your value proposition? Where's the evidence?

If you can't answer all the above then please don't ask me to compensate with some "content". Because it won't work.