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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Change a cold call into an info call

I was asked last month to review some cold call scripts and create some "new ideas to improve sales".

WOW - are people still using cold calls to make sales I thought - what a waste of time and money.

Cold calls can really upset prospective customers and are so old school
The scripts were painful, but the service was good and customers were enthusiastic about the service they were getting.

So why cold call?  Seems that the existing team were targeted and rewarded on number of calls made per day and that was that.

Long story short is I declined and then we had a little row, and I was given an opportunity to change things. I introduced the concept of the info call. It works well for products or services and all you need is:

  1. The type of business you want to target
  2. Someone with a warm and non aggressive telephone voice
  3. A printed and digital version of an info document about what you do which has at least 10 good testimonials quotes
  4. A good follow up process
And then you call and say

"Good morning/afternoon - my name is <your name> from <your company>"
"We provide solutions to <identify main pain point you provide solutions for>"
"I would like to send some information about our services to <their company> who would be the person to send it to?
"Thank you - would they prefer it via email or in the post?"

Don't sell anything, just get the info and get of the phone. If they want to buy or want more info there and then, just take the contact details and get someone else to call them.

Then mail or email them something and make sure there is a time limited offer included.

Then wait a week and then follow up - making sure they have had the info and are aware that the time limited offer is coming to an end.

The result - less calls, more orders, and happier staff. Happy Days!

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