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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Prospects are dying out fast because they know more than you do

Here's a fact  - nearly 60% of prospects have more information about a product or service before they call and ask about making a purchase.

Only a few years ago the power was all with the sales people and the poor prospect was in a game that he or she could do little about.

But not now, and probably never again.

So how do you get attention and how can you manage the sale process?

Making yourself look beautiful used to be enough to get attention

Well  for a start stop selling. The way to get attention is:

  1. Educate at every opportunity anyone who could have an influence of the success of your business. Make sure you can offer insights and ideas that are new and  could offer a real or perceived advantage
  2. Make sure the product or service you offer is genuine - if you can't do something don't do it because you will be found out
  3. Challenge the current status-quo. Offer new ideas and new ways of doing things
  4. Build and promote a list of genuine testimonials

Instead of old fashioned solution based sales that ultimately focus on price:

  1. Create and justify to clients that you have a different view on the way their market will develop
  2. Provide working papers and white papers that challenge their current thinking on how they develop new business
  3. Show them how what you do is part of a better way forward
  4. Earn trusted status
It really doesn't matter what you sell. It use to be that the way forward was to identify problems and provide solutions. Not anymore, prospects and clients can do that for themselves. The way to succeed is to challenge existing wisdom and provide innovative products and solutions for a future that has yet to be fully realised.

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